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My name is Jean. I don't have much of a story to tell like most of other entrepreneurs. My story is one that stretches out over many years , but a short and basic one. 

 The long and short of it .
 We moved to New Zealand as a family in January 2006 from South-Africa.
 We settled down reasonably quick in New Zealand on the east coast Whangaparaoa peninsula in  Auckland on the North Island.

 We Got ourselves sorted on all levels of life as expats in another country and all was going well.
 In the back of my mind i was consistently thinking and brainstorming on what to do , to get me and my family sorted for the not so far away future when i wont be able to do so much physical work anymore as a refrigeration engineer.
 On top of that i needed a plan B to get enough finances to look after myself and my family for those years coming up sooner than i want.

 With us moving to New zealand just about all of our savings , pension funds and the money we made selling our property has gone into settling down in New Zealand which didn't leave us with much of a nest egg.

 So years ago i started searching for a solution for this dilemma of mine.
 Knowing in me that my current job would not make me enough for living my life now and to save up for  later in my life , even if i work day and night and got promoted a few times.

 i didn't want to lower my quality of life once I stopped working and also wanted to enjoy my life , my  journey on my way there.

 Iv'e looked at hundreds of opportunities all over and found a few that i have followed over the years to 
 see where they are heading.
 There was some ones that was ok and legit and true to what they offer and stood the test of time in my  books.

 But then one stood out by far in the form of the compensation plan they had and the products they 
 They are a great community of people from all walks of life , all bonding together and supporting each 
 other and in all aspects true to what they preach.
 The massive bonus on top of all of that is the Personal Development gains you get out of it , by using 
 the products that you sell.
 At the end of the day you are a product of the product and making  a way over ordinary income working
 with a great community with full time support , but working for yourself.
 If i have one regret . That will be putting it off so long to have jumped aboard.


 Welcome at Ribazuba!

 We are looking for Serious , Motivated and Passionate Leaders who is not only committed to their own 
 success , but the success of others.

 We are looking people who are highly motivated , have a positive mindset , want to be self-employed
 and know they can experience great results.

Successful candidates must possess the following qualities:
 *A true desire to generate financial freedom.
 *A person that can think out of the box.
 *Willing to learn and follow a simple system.
 *Possess strong leadership skills.
 *Strong work ethics and self motivation.
 *Have integrity and a ability to embrace personal growth and change limiting beliefs.

 We can show you how this home business opportunity can become a very profitable business.

 *Have the desire to take control of your life.
 *Wants to be your own boss instead of working for someone else.
 *Have 15 - 20 hours a week to dedicate to the business in the beginning.
 *Are not looking for a get rich quick scheme but a proven business model with a support network.
 *Are passionate , motivated and self driven.
 *Want financial freedom and a fantastic income to start a new journey in your life.

 Not involving any of the following.
 *No hassling your friends and family.
 *No need to hire anyone else.. no staff at all.
 *No shipping products.
 *No stocking products.
 *No door knocking.
 *No mlm.
 You need to bring to the table.
 *The willingness to learn with laser focus.
 *A real passion for wanting change in your life.
 *The WHY and WILL to change your life financially and personally.
 *Want to create a life of success and time freedom that comes from a awesome
 work/life balance.

 We are all successful business owners that are here to help you succeed in your business
 with 24/7 support support.
 The amazing thing is , we all come from such a varied background of expertise from 
 all walks of life.

 It would be great to connect with you telling you more about this unique business
 All you need is a phone , laptop ,training , a big why and the will and desire to succeed.
 Fill in your details above or contact me direct.
 Jean Manuels

+64212722804   NZ

01274792632    UK

 Best wishes.